An orgasm a day can slash a man's cancer risk - Study


Men who have regular orgasms - once a day - are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, a study has found.

Regular ejaculation throughout their lives reduces the risk of the disease, scientists discovered.

The researchers, from Harvard Medical School, said they could not explain why orgasms could lower prostate cancer risk, adding further research is necessary.

However it has previously been suggested that regular orgasms may flush out cancer-causing chemicals in the prostate.

Another theory is that if sperm is regularly cleaned out to allow new cells to develop, it helps stop the build-up of old cells that might be more likely to turn cancerous.

The prostate is a small satsuma-sized gland located between a man's penis and his bladder.

Its main function is to produce a thick white fluid that is mixed with the sperm produced by the testicles, to create semen.





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