7 little ‘harmless’ lies people tell their partner

et’s be honest—we all might have lied to our partner at least once at some point in the relationship. While lying is surely not a good practice but sometimes we utter little harmless lies, or twist the truth, to make our partner feel good, don’t we? For instance, your partner has gone the extra mile to cook something special for you. Even if it does not taste great, you still appreciate it. The lie does not you cost anything, but surely brings a smile to your partner’s face. Is not it a harmless act? Maybe, honesty is not always the best (and wisest) policy! Here’s a list of white lies your partner may have probably told you… 

​I think of you all the time
2/8​I think of you all the time

First, it is practically impossible to think about anyone (forget your partner!) round the clock. But we generally say it to make our significant other feel special. As far as you know your intentions are right and you actually love them, there is no harm in saying how much you think of him or her ‘all the time’. 

​You have a great sense of humour
3/8​You have a great sense of humour

Most of us are guilty of saying this to our partner when they have actually not done or said anything funny or humorous enough to earn this compliment. It’s just one of those sweet nothings that don’t damage the relationship and keeps the boat floating. But yes, in case your partner has a knack of cracking really bad jokes, you will surely end up telling them the truth one day. 

​I like your friends
4/8​I like your friends

It’s not necessary that you and your partner share the same opinion for every person. There could be chances that your girlfriend or boyfriend may not like some of your close friends but they still pretend that they love your friends. Maybe, they do not want to hurt your feelings or manipulate your opinion about them.

​You are looking amazing
5/8​You are looking amazing

Your partner puts on a new dress or a shirt before going out and casually asks you how they’re looking. Sometimes, our spontaneous reaction is “Oh, you are looking amazing.” Well, it is a common situation that one goes through in every relationship. Until and unless they are looking really outrageous, it is fine to utter this little lie and not spoil their mood for the evening. 

​I love your cooking
6/8​I love your cooking

Your partner has whipped up a new delicacy after spending hours in the kitchen. They make you taste it, and expect a compliment. Even though, it does not flatter your taste buds but you still appreciate the dish and their cooking skills. Been there, done that? 

​I will never lie to you
7/8​I will never lie to you

Slow claps for you if your partner has told you this and you blindly believed him or her. Nowadays, it is next to impossible to find a person who speaks only and only the truth, or does not hide anything.

​Your parents are like my parents
8/8​Your parents are like my parents

Even if you don’t like your partner’s parents, you will always think twice (or probably thrice!) before confessing the truth. It’s pretty obvious that you will end up hurting your partner’s feelings by doing so, and your relationship might even develop a few cracks. As long as the situation between your partner’s parents and you is bearable, this little white lie is something that will keep both happy.


Sexual experiences people are curious about but hardly discuss

TNN | January 15, 2018
The good, bad and the ugly
1/5The good, bad and the ugly

Sexual experiences, be it good or bad, seldom fail to fascinate people. In an Indian society, most people think twice before discussing any topic related to sex. But that does not mean people are less curious about it. While some experiences are still considered a taboo, a few are slowly finding acceptance in our society. Here are a few sexual experiences that most people are curious about but we will hardly find them discussing these in the open:

​Anal sex
2/5​Anal sex

The US National Library of Medicine conducted a study on women who engage in heterosexual anal (receptive) intercourse (AI) with a male partner (click here to know more). The study results revealed that ‘majority of AI episodes were unplanned and not discussed prior to initiation.’ This needs no further explanation because, besides other points, this research also proves that people do try AI but refrain from even discussing it with their partners!

Same sex experience
3/5Same sex experience

The Indian Judicial system recently announced that it will re-examine the validity of Section 377 of the IPC, a law that criminalises sexual activities “against the law of nature” (read homosexuality). Anything that is considered a taboo definitely raises curiosity, and homosexuality is no different. While people might have always looked down upon same sex relationship, we cannot help but agree that this has been one of the most controversial issues of our time that only a handful liked to address.


Bondage, which is a form of restrained intercourse where one partner may be tied or subjected to similar act, falls under BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism and masochism). In the book Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities, sex therapist and author David Ortmann wrote that people abstain from experimenting with sexual experiences which are considered ‘different’ because they fear that they will be considered ‘sexual outsiders’.

​One night stands
5/5​One night stands

Interestingly, many find the idea of having sex with a stranger very fascinating. According to a study conducted in Norway, 263 participants were asked to share their opinions on one night stand and if they had already experienced it or are willing to have an experience? One in three women revealed that they were happy about their one night stands while most of the men regretted saying no to casual sex proposals. While casual sex is a topic that not everyone is comfortable discussing, but it can definitely be counted as one of the most curious sexual experiences.

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